Taxonomy may be the practice and science of classification. The term can also be used like a count noun: a taxonomy, or taxonomic plan, is really a particular classification.
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Gulf of Mexico Origin, Waters, and Biota

by Darryl L. Felder... bns Family: Chaetocerotaceae Bacteriastrum biconicum Pavill., 1916 plk, osp Bacteriastrum comosum Pavill., 1916 Bacteriastrum delicatulum Cleve, 1897 plk, bns, osp Bacteriastrum elegans Pavill., 1916 Bacteriastrum elongatum Cleve, ...

Identifying Marine Diatoms and Dinoflagellates

by Grethe R. HasleBacteriastrum, p. 186 Genus Bacteriastrum Shadbolt 1854 (Plate 37, Table 45) Lectotype: Bacteriastrum furcatum Shadbolt (1/ide Boyer, 1927, p. ... 19; Ikari, 1927; Pavillard, PLATE 37 Bacteriastrum elongatum: (a) part of chain in girdle view.

Check-list of Marine Diatoms from the Caribbean Sea

by Julio Nelson Navarro21 Bacteriastrum comosum Pavillard Ref. 44, 21, 15, 16, 23, 18, 45, 11, 27 Bacteriastrum elegans Pavillard Ref. 27 Bacteriastrum elongatum Cleve Ref. 13, 42, 18, 11 Bacteriastrum furcatum Shadbolt Syn. Bacteriastrum delicatulum Cleve Ref.

Identifying Marine Phytoplankton

by Carmelo R. TomasSynonym: Bacteriastrum varians Lauder. References: Shadbolt, 1854, p. 14, Plate 1, Fig. 1; Lauder, 1864a, p. 8, Plate 3, Figs. 1-6; Cleve, 1897a, p. 19, Plate 1 , Fig. 19; Ikari, 1927; Pavillard, PLATE 37 Bacteriastrum elongatum: (a) part of chain ...

Endospore-forming Soil Bacteria

by Niall A. LoganHerna ́ndez CS, Andrew R, Bel Y, Ferre ́ J (2005) Isolation and toxicity of Bacillus thuringiensis from potato-growing areas in ... Ripouteau H, Hamon S, Laurent P, Thie ́ry I (1999) Updating the H-antigen classification of Bacillus thuringiensis.

Epizootiology of Insect Diseases

by James R. FuxaH. de Barjac, "Identification of H-serotypes of Bacillus thuringiensis, "in H. D. Burges, Ed., Microbial Control of Pests and Plant Diseases, Academic ... J. R. Norris, The classification of Bacillus thuringiensis, J. Appl. Bacteriol., 27, 439 ( 1964). 80.


by Wayne W. UmbreitHusz ( 1931) carried out field trials with the Mattes strain of B. thuringiensis for control of the European corn borer with good ... B. Taxonomic Consideration of Crystal-Forming Bacteria The rapid increase in the number of investigators actively ...

Biological and Biotechnological Control of Insect Pests

by Jack E. RechciglIn the engineered B. thuringiensis-based products submitted to date, the specific steps used to generate the new ... For this case study, the taxonomic description of B. thuringiensis is relatively straightforward as this bacterium has been ...

Entomopathogenic Bacteria: from Laboratory to Field Application

by J.F. CharlesBacillus thuringiensis, Paenibacillus, Brevibacillus, Phylogeny, Clone Abstract: Small subunit rRNA gene sequencing has ... It is reassuring that the phylogenetic classification of these bacteria correlates with their pathogenic properties, ...

An Introduction to Mathematical Taxonomy

by G. DunnBacillus cereus (9 strains). Bacillus mycoides (10 strains) and Bacillus thuringiensis (18 strains). B. cereus and B. mycoides are abundant soil bacteria, the latter producing distinctive colonies somewhat resembling those of a fungus. Apart from ...

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